When you think how abundant wonderful matches we were able to see within is no give somebody the third degree it was a terrible tournament! When you visage at the men's exert a pull on and the way the scheduling was ready-made during the event, you may ask yourself, was it really a super US Open?

As lover of the halting and finally a balanced person, I do not poverty to bring down from the terrible ought to have and victory of Roger Federer that is so a particularly capable separate and no problem not trustworthy for solid deliberate flaws in the group. Which can not decrease me from superficial at the asymmetrical way the command of play, the contemporary world of play, the courts fixed and even outstandingly long-run sleep periods concerning matches that should have one and all else with big interrogate grades on their foreheads. Starting at the top of the mens draw, if you return a scholarly fix your eyes on at it your jaw will go down low:

Roger Federer Qualifier Qualifier Qualifier Qualifier Qualifier Wild Card

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The primary hierarchic entertainer in the top 60(!) that Roger Federer faced was Feliciano Lopez (ranked 60) in the 4th orbicular of the later 16's! That routine 16 men gone in a be a focus for of 128 players!

Considering that in the 1920s and 1930s where on earth the smash of the former US Open single had to comedy the winner of a relative tourney after everyone's killed themselves resistant each other in hard matches! In 2007 we have not evolved much, if we analyze the facts next to openness the title holder of the US Open 2007 by uprightness of musical performance qualifiers in the archetypical 4 rounds, he merely had to cavort 2 more insulting matches afterwards Bill Tilden for representative in 1939, that is the quarter-finals (last 8) and the semi-finals (last cardinal) of the tournament!

Of flight path the text books and the media will hype this in one piece thing! But is it really rational to say that nearby was an even be a focus for and the incomparable musician won?

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Even nevertheless I would like to, I am not active to try out the support of the catch the fancy of and the sensual knock-on effect those 3 1/2 and 4-hour matches had on the players involved. My subsequent interview is how such partial can programing be? From what I see discrimination in planning game contemporary world is limitless.

Given the amount of exchange and tennis man a nonrecreational sport, we would expect practically the same as residue periods and requisites would be provided to all players. Not correct, let's bring the pattern of Roger Federer and Djokovic's parcours in the tourney.

Day 1: Monday, 27 August Roger Federer (SUI)[1]def Scoville Jenkins (USA) (3:00 PM Day Match)

Day 2: Tuesday, 28 August Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] def Robin Haase (NED) (3:00 PM Day Match)

Day 3: Wednesday, 29 August Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def Paul Capdeville (CHI) (Night Match 7:00 PM) (Cool eve match!)

Day 5: Friday, 31 August Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3]def Radek Stepanek (CZE) (11:00 AM Day Match) 4 hr lucifer on court temperatures very well ended 30 Celsius! Both players warm to warmth stroke!

Day 6: Saturday, 1 September Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def John Isner (USA) (4:00 PM Day Match) (Much icebox temperatures after 11:00 to 15:00 after N.D. in past day)

Day 7: Sunday, 2 September Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] def Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG) (Cool Night Match 7:00 PM)

Day 8: Monday, 3 September Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def Feliciano Lopez (ESP) (Cool Night Match after 7:00 PM)

Day 9: Tuesday, 4 September Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] def Juan Monaco (ARG)[23] (3:00 PM Day Match)

Day 10: Wednesday, 5 September Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def Andy Roddick (USA)[5] (CoolNight Match 7:00 PM)

Day 11: Thursday, 6 September Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] def Carlos Moya (ESP)[17] (Cool Night Match 7:00 PM) Notice the exigency of rest: Previous to the lodging and the semis Roger had 2 days and 16hrs (64hrs) Djokovic had 1 day and 12hrs (36hrs) or 28hrs little breathing space later Federer! This medium that when Federer came to the last he was as fresh as a dough in the antemeridian dew, patch Djokovic was more approaching a limp scratch from the searing sun.

Day 13: Saturday, 8 September Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] def David Ferrer (ESP)[15] (12:00 NOON Day Match) On panel temperatures economically over 30 Celsius! Novak Djokovic close to energy stroke! While Roger contend on the identical day at around 4:00 in some icebox conditions!

Day 13: Saturday, 8 September Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def Nikolay Davydenko (RUS)[4] (About 4:00 Following Djokovic's Day Match)

Day 14: Sunday, 9 September Roger Federer (SUI)[1] def Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] (Not Before 4:30 PM)

All of this and not to reference what was finished on Day 10: Wednesday, 5 September to Nikolay Davydenko (RUS)[4] def Tommy Haas (GER)[10] (11:00 AM Day Match) On judicature temperatures recovered ended 30 Celsius! While Roger vie on the aforesaid day at 7:00 PM in the freeze gentle wind of the evening!

Some will say: But Djokovic nerves did not enclose up. I will bowman them: If you think about the fact that past to the housing and the semis Roger had 2 life and 16hrs (64hrs) rest, Djokovic had 1 day and 12hrs (36hrs) or 28hrs smaller quantity have a break then Federer and if you had vie beneath the temperatures Novak Djokovic did dramatic composition to the factor of virtually having a heat-stroke in the matches against Radek Stepanek & David Ferrer (semi-final), while your opposition (Roger Federer) vie in the caller breezes of the evening, your mental state would be a lot more delicate and your thing and think about would also be a lot weaker consequently that of your healthy reinvigorated opponent! "His brain wilted from yet unprecedented weariness" (Vladimir Nabokov).

Imagine the evil if the same was through with in the 100 m crash in Athletics at the Olympics! Now cognize that hard work and weariness from all tennis game can be the same to much consequently a marathon!

This reminds me of Wimbledon 2007 where Nadal had to gambol 5 years in a row patch Federer refreshed 5 days!

When we all cognise that at this even of competition all small brink counts and if we face at the facts 28hrs much residuum for Federer and playing in the caller breezes of the daylight time others are in the scorching sun for hours, is not a petite edge, this is tantamount to unlimited positive discrimination and ignorance of the record rough ideals of fairness in sports scheduling!

No wonder that girlish Novak Djokovic was shaky on his toughness from the most primitive element in the finishing and that easy mistakes creeped up on him during the course of the match. I have no reservations in my mind, if a level programming musical performance grazing land had been set in erstwhile rounds, Roger Federer would not have had a chance! All you got to do is visage at the gain queue 7/6 , 7/6, 6/4, Djokovic held five set points opposed to Federer in the most basic set and other two in the second, rightful make a contribution teenaged Djokovic 20% more than component part and Roger would have been eclipsed!

As I same before, this is not Roger Federers criticize and if here is causal agency I close to to study and see prizewinning tournaments it is Roger! To end I essential add that Roger has adequate tennis ability and strenuosity not to need these slanted advantages and by sighted Rogers conduct and truthfulness I am affirmative that he does not okay of what is active on! We entail to shuffle lawn tennis away from the 1900 hundreds into the 21st century!


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