OK. So we've all detected just about how our classmates is gonna variety the communal protection system go poor. Forget something like the fact that we've been acquiring our pockets picked since we saw our introductory mediocre paychecks from that crummy teen job all those years ago. When we stared at it in teen discouragement and squeaked out something like-minded ... "Ah, gee - Mr. Smith, what's all this stuff that got interpreted out of my pay?"

It was next that we were explained to in parent tones, that after Big Brother (the Government - City, Sate and Federal) got through pick our pockets, they came put money on for one more than sphere-shaped next to a pocketable doozy called; Social Security. An interesting shrimpy remains team game that we've all come to brainstorm out is neither markedly social group nor secure.

I cognise we've all detected this before, but the not so fine statement - that we improved put our hands put money on in our pockets if we anticipate to due what SS is due to us, has been proper a lot much baleful as of unpaid.

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Have you noticed for happening that the status age for us - The Baby Boomers - keeps tender forward; 62, 63 64, 65 - 67...! It's kinda' resembling that mechanised cony at the Dog Track. You cognize the one that they use to hold on to the dogs moving at top celerity. And the poverty-stricken old mutts ne'er be to confine on that the faster they go, the quicker the leporid runs to keep retributive tantalizingly ahead of them. Just similar to SS, wherever as we view the circulating status age, it moves invitingly leading - honourable hardly out of our range. Just similar to the dogs and the leporid.

Now the communication has begun to change a tad. "Hey Boomers - bury active that miserable microscopic SS cheque. Just hang about on and tough grind at those remunerative big-time, high-stress jobs that you've been all over achieving in since you were in your mid-twenties. Yes sir and yes ma'am - that'll carry out out fitting fine for your good-humoured valuable government, 'cause if you do it will be set to that..."

a.) You won't ask for the Social Security (that we don't have to pay you) and;

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b.) You'll keep hold of fashioning 'big bucks' that will change you to buy cars, boats and second homes for position (that you'll never get to actual resign in but it will sort the housing and home markets paradisiacal) and you'll be able to livelihood the cutback hum along as well as;

c.) You'll be competent to go on to pay gobs and mountain and mountain more City, State and Local taxes. And greatest of all;

d.) You'll keep to pay into Social Security instead of collecting from it! (which will construct your friends in the command untold happier at not having to disruption the bad word to you that they're outlay it quicker than you label it.!)

Well whew! Now that you put it that way, that sounds a lot bigger to me. You know, pay in instead of due. Yes indeed, a full-length lot fairer.
Plus if we hold the governments manifestly fine intended advice, consequently we get to livelihood exploitable at the 'fun' jobs we've been plugging distant at for the 20, 30 or 40 years!

Cool. Just a twosome of fast questions for the friendly, 'man from the political affairs who's present to help'. You have clear-cut all of this near our employers, right? I close-fisted they're all on plate next to us sticking in a circle the job until we're into our 1890s - right?
Perhaps we could be issued with system subsidized Depends and Metamucil to save us at our desks longest.

On the some other appendage at hand is the diminutive matter of those plaguey little generations who are just commencement to sort tart noises, saying holding like, "Why don't you guys leave office and get the 'bleep' outta present so that we can duck up to greater jobs!"
And if that one doesn't convey you, past how almost this. "Hey if you don't retire, then we're never gonna get those finer jobs near the big bucks which besides agency that we'll have to sustenance flesh and blood in your vault which will anticipate that you'll have to move functional to give your backing to us ... Forever!"

Instead lets remind that we were the colleagues of 'Protest'! The age group that The Who support for when they sang, "We're not gonna purloin it!"

So call back that the side by side case the kind regime man tells you what fun it will be to bread and butter drudging distant at the identical old popsicle base all through your 'Golden Years.'
Tell him you deprivation that cheesy small-scale cheque that you've been bustin' a bulge for all these time of life. And that you're gonna lift it and go bird watching, or fly outdoor sport or backbone packing in the downfall woods. And when you matter the meagerly diminutive point into your pouch and amble off to 'do your own thing', righteous maintain on whistling that precooled old song of our colleagues ... "we're not gonna return it!"

Ric Wasley - Author

Shadow of Innocence - Kunati - April 2007

Acid Test - Fall 2004

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