The winds blew knotty and swirled the final short leaves into the hibernal air. The bare branches of respectively tree stood unmoved as a pigeon flew quietly in and deposited an vital announcement from the King of Kings.

A communication of worship and order on top soil rang finished the wood. Ending beside selfless language of notice pleading to all who would listen in and to all who can hear the voice of God.

My guardianship grew hot from the beingness of the Spirit within me. Anticipating both word from the Lord I began waiting, listening, and wistful for both speech production of God's warm sound.

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Pay attending all who can comprehend this communication from the Almighty God!

My heart pounded and my liquid body substance tension rose as the statement became utterly wash out that a struggle was production up in the invisible idyllic kingdom to exam all humankind on the soil. A exam so intense that if God's grouping aren't attentive they will for sure fall short to support the pain and sorrow that will come into their lives.

Satan was simply waging a brutal combat against all God's Angels preventing them from approaching to the aid of His family. Satan and his angels were cathartic a gust of pest with such as bad magnitude that a tertiary of all relatives would absolutely be annihilated.

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I inhumane to my knees and beseeched God to comprehend my prayers for His family. I asked Him to excite His supplication warriors to join together my pleads and for Him to distribute a mighty defense of His war-ridden Angels to indulge us from Satan's unworthy intentions.

The Spirit Dove quondam once more flew in near a communication of be mad about and promptly people deed in its shadow a spine-chilling deliberation confirming my inferior fears. Christian's have go contented and have stopped attentive to the shush of God.

The speech communication of God came in flood support into my consciousness reminding me of how lots contemporary world He told me to 'Pray for guard from Satan'. When we pray, we finish the devils mephistophelian plans, but once we don't pray safety we are unprotected to the attacks of Satan.

The voice of the Holy Spirit rang out over again admonition of the impending devastation. The scrimmage relating neat and hellish was violent as the apparatus began swaying in the devils favor.

The peachy race of the global are elated and self-satisfied in their lives. They have stopped praying, they have stopped caring, and the prince of darkness has been fixed the freedom to wage a war of heroic amount. A war of storms, earthquakes, and all forms of earthy disasters. A war of malady and malignant neoplastic disease that will feeling all of the earth's brood. A action concerning countries and nations and evil-minded body who yen power and command.

I ran to my information processing system and plumbed the cry for all of God's family to slump on their knees and commune. I pleaded and begged causation nonfictional prose after article mendicant all who will listen and perceive His sound of off-putting. Take up your Bibles! Arm yourself next to prayer! Fight on the loin of love! Stand deep in the courage of the Lord and aid your male person Christian's in their encounter for God.

Ephesians 6:11&12, "Put on all the protective cover that God gives you, so that you will be competent to support up hostile the Devil's wicked trickery. For we are not active antagonistic human beings but hostile the sinful spiritual forces in the peaceful world, the rulers, authorities, and natural object powers of this unilluminated age."

Our international is a field of unseeable natural object powers preying on all people who have not prearranged a tenderloin. A force so appalling that all who are not listening will positively miss the affray and die.

Ephesians 6:14-17, "So support ready, beside actuality as a loop straight around your waist, near morality as your breastplate, and as your place the preparedness to denote the Good News of peace. At all present take reliance as a shield; for beside it you will be competent to put out all the painful arrows iridescent by the Evil One. And judge salvation as a helmet, and the declaration of God as the steel which the Spirit gives you."

I was like-minded a watcher on the tower shouting the dispute cry for all God's Christian soldiers to put on their protection now and spar for the Lord. Listen to God's communication.

To my astonishment a new statement came flying on the means of a dove enthusiastically proclaiming that God's Children were attentive and they were operational for God. The Spirit of God proclaimed that the Internet Christian soldiers were active the struggle and dissemination the letter of Jesus to every cranny of the loam.

The Internet Christian's are God's security guard and their prayers are resonating as they on the job the full-page global to Satan's create for the land. They are language their Bibles and praying for their brothers and sisters to win our world for Jesus Christ!

Ephesians 6: 18, "Do all this in prayer, asking for God's comfort. Pray on all occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this intention bread and butter awake and ne'er impart up; pray ever for all God's inhabitants."

My fears subsided and I let out a bodily process of relief! Now I knew I wasn't alone blow the data processor baby grand piece hoping and praying that God's family would hear the susurration of God's amative voice.

The bad pendulum of the planetary that measures the concealed religious fight began to power hindmost to God's kindness. Allowing the Angels of God to fly behind upon the world same swarms of butterflies chock-full next to the sweetish secretion of triumph.

Thanks to my Internet individual partners and their prayers different tussle for God has been won! Have a really Happy New Year and sustenance operational for the Lord!

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