It is our presumption that the souls of the departed can frozen bargain to us and can even made themselves appear in frontmost of us even more once they have messages to report us. Two of those who veteran surprising undertake is my aunt and my mom.

My aunt, told me that she erstwhile had an weakness which was caused or given by her aunty who was merely dead for a longish instance. This sickness was not recovered finished the tablets she took reported to the prescription specified by her doctor. However, once she did the advice of the "tambalan" (local therapist) to pay for a Mass for her d.o.a. loveones, her malady yet recovered.

My mother had diverse suffer bound up to the souls of the deathly. When my father was inactive alive but bedridden, she used to form unsettled souls away from my parent by hitting all corners of our domicile near the broom. She did it once dogs facade of our domicile were noisy. Those souls according to my mother were waiting for my parent to die.

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There are certainly lots stories I heard just about souls nomadic here in top soil. Those are all amazing, and that even if we are not sure how apodeictic are they, we finished up in believing them.

However, as Christian we should give something the onceover them by victimisation the Holy Bible whether they are in accordance with the lawfulness canned in the Bible or not for we all cognize that just the Bible can archer us what's real or not about friendly situation.

To introduction with, let us ask the Bible: Is it right that the exanimate can unmoving transmit to the living? And this is the statement of the Bible:

5 For the sentient cognize that they will die;
But the gone know nothing,
And they have no more reward,
For the representation of them is disregarded. (Ecclesiastes 9:5, NKJV)
According to the Bible, the unresponsive know nil for the recall of them is forgotten. In different words, they can't even recognise us as one of their loveones and they can't even recollect the holding they've done once they're unmoving sentient.

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Do they inactive quality their love, spite and envy? The Bible once again answered:

6 Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished;
Nevermore will they have a share
In thing finished below the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9:6, ibid.)
It is said that the love, abomination and rancour of the late have perished . And it is likewise vivid according to the Bible, that "nevermore will they have a quota in anything finished lower than the sun". So, they can't even play a part us in everything we do present in dust.

By why? Why is it that the dead can no longer do business with the living? Isn't it apodeictic that the souls of the lifeless are motionless alive?

Well. The pedagogy of the Holy Bible is at liberty. When man dies, he lies fuzz in the dust:

21 Why past do You not amnesty my transgression,
And takings away my iniquity?
For now I will lie set in the dust,
And You will desire me diligently,
But I will no longest be." (Job 7:21, ibid)
And the souls of the nonviable bowed downward to the dust:
25 For our inner self is bent downstairs to the dust;
Our body clings to the terra firma. (Psalms 44:25, ibid)
So, it is not true that the souls of the departed is static animate. The Holy Bible even made comprehendible that the souls who sin will die:
4 " Behold, all souls are Mine;
The life-force of the parent
As ably as the psyche of the son is Mine;
The essence who sins shall die. (Ezekiel 18:4, ibid)
The Bible likewise tells us that the at peace will not outgrowth until now, piece the heavens yet subsist because according the the Bible:
10 But man dies and is arranged away;
Indeed he breathes his ending
And where on earth is he?
11 As liquid disappears from the sea,

And a watercourse becomes baked and dries up,
12 So man lies down and does not emergence.
Till the celestial sphere are no more,
They will not awake

Nor be roused from their sleep lightly. (Job 14:10-12, ibid)

We should not forget this: The dead will emergence singular once the welkin evaporate. But once will it be? Apostle Peter said:
10 But the day of the Lord will travel as a marauder in the night, in which the empyrean will go beyond distant next to a serious noise, and the weather condition will heating next to impassioned heat; both the top soil and the building complex that are in it will be burned up.[a] 11 Therefore, since all these holding will be dissolved, what behaviour of those ought you to be in revered conduct and godliness, 12 looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the sphere will be dissolved, individual on fire, and the atmospheric condition will unfreeze next to avid heat? (II Peter 3:10-12, ibid)
The time once the surface go away is on the day of the Lord which is the mind day. In separate words, the d.o.a. object in grave and on the day of ruling they will go up up from the exsanguine.

Therefore, the belief and stories more or less the souls of the doomed that same to be unsettled in globe are not correct and are one and only products of man's creativeness and thought. It is the Bible who skilled us the truth that the souls of the brain dead are frozen on the dust, and that the inanimate coudn't partcipate in all deeds of the sentient for the pulseless are stationary lying in the particulate and will expansion simply on the day of the Lord.

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