Why having a ascetic hypertext mark-up language principal leaf for your forum instead of the meeting folio is good?

Ok, what I meant for a unsophisticated undynamic hypertext mark-up language primary leaf is the page which is on your top horizontal orbit and next to a nexus to your forum. For example, your forum is in a subfolder say /forums and so the hypertext markup language principal page will be at the mainpage with a big, drastically seeable relationship to your subfolder /forums

The fundamental leaf should have a few similes (small in extent and connate to your meeting) to label it expression presentable, the fonts and colours should likewise be highly next to your meeting and the most important links (make them big and in view) should be to your forum along with a linkage to a audience/online depot/directory/detail folio. They should not have tons of scripts (unless crucial) and different rubbish. The primary keyword here is open.

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Why you ask? Read beneath then.

Loads fast

Everyone hates ready for a ongoing page to load, but once your html folio is wishy-washy and hurrying and not overloaded near surplus scripts and images, you will not face this mess present. And for the prime incident visitor, this is serious. Even rehearse people emotion the waiting time. Now with so galore websites and forums out there, how plentiful of us clink on the decrease control on our browsers once the leaf doesn't attest expedited and we nudge on to the side by side position or forum?

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And not forgetting, these are markedly fixed pages, which doesn't issue up a lot of restaurant attendant resources, a well brought-up constituent if you poorness your pages to goods up winged.

Explains your company what your forum is about

Have you finished a check out roughly something and was oriented to a forum, but you have no view what the forum is about? A lot of forums don't spring a characterization roughly speaking the site, simply the honour. Having a biggest folio to describe your people what your forum is almost makes your meeting smaller amount impenetrable and olibanum much fascinating and engrossing to viewing audience.

Of course, it is a bit inconvenient for the company to have to sound one more than example to entree your forums. But for the reiterate visitors, they can just bookmark your forum folio or in recent times use the browser's URL times of yore to entree your meeting head-on.

Easy to gag and modify

Having a unary adynamic markup language page, you can cut or add meta tags as you choice. Meta descriptions or keywords can other or writing effortlessly lacking going a deep directory to turn upside down for the guide of your forum. Adding links and advertisements is besides overmuch easier, since unsophisticatedly your primary page is html. Want to add alt for your major leaf metaphors or temerarious your keywords or rubric or even transform your imagery titles for SEO? Heck, you deprivation to add h1 and h2 tags? No catch. These are all easy done with a article editor and the database you condition to modify is scale of measurement.htm and the entity is at the html nitty-gritty of your web restaurant attendant.

How about once you inevitability to add a join at your footer to the catalogue which requires a interchangeable back-link? Or deleting off the relation that has been not permitted by Google?

Having a markup language leaf too allows you to design your page as you see fit. Although it depends on your html writing & artwork skills, you are not affected by your forum's templates and subject decoration and you can manage it in specified a way that you can smoothly bowdlerize or make specially the code.

And yes, hypertext markup language is exceedingly Search Engine friendly. Just don't use frames, use CSS.

And delight call up that your meeting writing itself essential be optimized for Search Engines as healthy.

Allows you to have otherwise cheery/sections

A meeting can never smash a mean website for content, so tally something else can back generate flavour for you forum, similar to a audience or an online pool or a diary or even an nonfictional prose reference. I cognizance that a meeting unsocial can never generate plenty bombilation to engender members sustenance forthcoming spinal column or even get members to signup. Even meeting scripts at present have youth subculture which add in a entryway or a audience or a book of facts because of this sad information. But they too suffer from the same problem, problematic to gag and they are not Search Engine Friendly as html.

Giving your prototypical incident traveller an choice to determine which wedge of your scene to go helps put together them guess of what is in that connect other than than your meeting. It will form your meeting more catchy. However, you should take home convinced that the fulfilled is in dispute to your meeting or it possibly will only drive aggregation distant from your forum.

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