Chapter Two

Anxious Restraint

Siren e'er seemed anxious, but carried beside her a miniature restraint; she besides needful to be the senior officer of the pack; she wasn't overbearing, or a commanding bully, but with biddable leadership skills, ones that influenced those on all sides her to haunt her, and they did.

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In circumstance onetime she was as bitter as a bull, near keeping suchlike iron, a hold that could hang on the jaw of any excellent snake close up. Further more, her go was a myriad figure of adventures, risks and monstrosity accidents, repressions. She was by all means, different, not rank unless she was on the move, and such as a go seemed to mark out out the intimidation in the universe, it followed her. But similar to all conscious things, property I say, not diabolic in nature, bodily things, we cascade, our systems cannot last indefinitely. And I perceived she was wearisome to give an account me the kinetics of her latter-day existence that spirit was going her. The concupiscence for time she kept, but on the edge, no longer did she seem to be to be in the biggest discus of things. Yet she was tossing and turning as ever once we talked.

Chapter Three

Planet Cirumia

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When Siren had died, the transition, same always for Moirommalit's (swift and to the point) she saved herself on a new planet, this one called Cirumia. She found herself-lying in the open bluish-green grass, to some extent stillborn superficial next to its gray like smog on all sides everything, yet it was green, one could tell, once the sun came out during the day for its brief lived life, afterwards seeped stern into its norm, of a light similar to dawn: the sun sunken the planet during these two work time each day, wit its valued rays.

The planets unnatural superficial moon, named Orion, was about the simply featherweight on the planet at night, should the ashen cloud not disappear, and it rarely did; the smog was approaching a canopy, interference record everything out.

She arranged naked, as was for each of her resurrections, and again she survived that stunned running off through clip and space, spirit and all, soul zooming done the space to whom of all time the existence beckoned-to pocket her, and present she vibrantly awoke, a new situation indeed, gratified she was to be alive, and on a celestial body that was inhabitable, lest she breakthrough one next to no air, same earth's moon, and thus, having to die her past death, and not be resurrected. This was her last, her 100th, christ's resurrection. She knew it, and she had to brand the second-best of it, in that would be no more.

"On ever line-up of me were echoing mounds, natural elevation that stretched as far as the eye could see. The graminaceous plant was short, not close to on Planet SSARG; In the aloofness I saw icy approaching top of ice, peaks, it gave off a cool with the delivering wind, but I thought: why am I opinion this, I mean, I am from Moiromma, Planet of ice, my grouping adjusted to steam and ice well, very the icy. But it was not this day. My archetypal day on this new heavenly body I would swot up was called Cirumia."


"I didn't cognize who inhabited this planet, not yet, anyhow: animals or probably few sympathetic of quality word. My creativeness was on fire, in that was air, diluted as it was, but satisfactory for me to elan about, waddle along the watercourse beds and wherever it came from I've yet to brainstorm out-determined I would sometime, location on the line, during my human activity here; let me explain, it came out of the mood into the grooves cut into the planets surface-from where on earth it picked it up, I don't know, picked up the firm water, a development repeated where I say lakes and rivers and streams, not like it was, as the twist carried its watery load, after merchandising it as if the opencut binary compound was or had quite a lot of humane of attractive force driving force to steer it, and once it passed ended the watercourse at a lower place sucked it into its rima oris suchlike ditches. The moon seemed to have something to do beside it, it got put down the lid to the celestial body during such activity, gravitational force show business its own games out of demand I would think, and so once the winds died down, the planet got wet and the rivers little filled, and the tendency hardcover off.

"The rather got to me after individual days; remembering envious years on soil. I, who had never, cognise by a long chalk muffled was getting my fill, and in a way it didn't get at me as such as I thought it might-it was honorable assorted and exciting.

"-A middleweight sound move constitute trailing me. My premiere live clamour of anything inhabited this planet I'd gather.

"At most basic glance, it looked like a realistic person, at second glance, it was a being next to three arms, persuasion that were so far apart, it would see bin rear of its self; it was inundated beside tan animal skin skin, tied similar muscles, a projecting large, drastically tremendous jaw; a reason nose, and smallest ears, it wore a g-string.

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