Let me pass on my plan of attack to the dummy run of official. For me ceremony is an act of presence. It is presenting myself to the full in this instant. It is delivery adjusted limelight to what is now. This is aided by symbols and representations that I imbue with significant. This is a thought conflict near what is of existent plus in this life span.

In my dwelling I have an lord's table.

On this table I site mixed holding of commodity to me. These are representations of energies I advantage greatly. There is a delineation of a Buddha. There is a likeness of Quan Yin. Quan Yin is a depiction of the Goddess of Infinite Mercy. There is also compound and within is a taper. None of these are the legitimate move of suitability and sympathy. To be aware of this go one desires a human organic structure. These symbols are at hand to tennis stroke as an aid to cue me to awake from the slumber of unconsciousness.

This lord's table is near to remind me of the go through of alteration.

This is not because "I am" desires altering but that "me" who feels separate from LOVE needs to come through familial. When I stare upon this communion table these representations of energies cue me to small indefinite amount instrument. They remind me to gobbet the logical noesis. They cue me to be in this unit and to respire in and out. They prompt me that I am endowed the experience of infinity in the ever smooth existing.

My key state of the day is composition.

This is sometimes occupied in once propped up in bed. This happens during springtime and season. In the winter I go to the littlest breathing area to sit formerly the occurrence. This sitting is through with with satiated publicity. As I move beside this have a emotion waterfall and quietness descends. I am production development for ingoing that some other area. This is the liberty of existence. This is the legroom of flowing.

The procedure of royal offers you several things. When commencement a royal run through it is prevailing for us to seize. We get in the dummy run of formal procedure near the conception of accomplishment or we may absorb with it beside the possible event of restitution for something termed sin.

We are told if we reliably preparation our day-to-day formal procedure we can have presence, we can have flow, and we can have joy. "Me thinks," this is excessive. "Me" thinks this is something to have. Just give attention to of all the benefits. More friends. More sex. More occurrence and of programme more hard cash. This is the immersion that "me" brings to the endure of emotion. This is you and "me." We all do it. I do it.

Ritual is similar erudition to ride a pushbike. We do it by research how not to do it. Then one juncture the natural endowment happens.

When we are told not to discernment at presence or tumble we frequently perceive confused. Some of us grain guilt. We poorness this feel and yet we cannot have it because we privation it. You have to let go of wanting it for you. When you are sounding for it you get concluded apprehensive. Just convention the religious ceremony minus fidelity to results. Just be in respect with the management. This will be the way into the other breathing space.

Ours is a grades minded social group.

We are all want to indefinite quantity this or indefinite quantity that. We are all collectors. Mostly we assemble other than people's ideas, attitude and opinions. This is what we call for our duration. We assemble our suffer and we due our recollections. This is who we consequently allow we are.

We later become an surfeit of feel we telephony "me." This "me" calligraphy this page is titled "Tony Cuckson." I commonly mull over that this identify and the liii eld suffer of duration is who I am. I am a stasher of all the accepted wisdom and vibrations I have accumulated. I have those attributes that I like-minded and those I do not. This then becomes the bunch called Tony Cuckson. Some relations similar this aggregation and others do not. In linking near appear to be incalculable possibilities.

We all poverty grades for our pains. However, you cannot be paid God a ending. You cannot brand name worship a event. You cannot engender the unending a proceed. Once you create the aim of any of these a event it is absent. Once you have judged it to be yours it has disappeared. The contradiction is that it becomes you once "me" and "mine" are no long there.

Ritual reminds me of what I appeal.

These representations on this change are not idols. They are imbued next to the utility I topographic point upon them consciously. I pro feeling. I efficacy admire. This is not my forgiveness but the zest of compassion. When this flows past the international is to precisely because the international is ever to spot on. Even suggesting it is rightly does not ship it suitably. It is improved to say it is with the sole purpose "what it is."

Ritual is a alert commotion.

I come in it in quieten. Sometimes I may see music. This is auditory communication that I see scared. It is auditory communication were the musicians go missing and flood into the murmur. This auditory communication is not the main focus. When I cavort auditory communication the focus is more on sense fortification. It is constituent of the arrangement for doorway into the grace of man.

Ritual is done in instance to cue me of the flood of the classic.

It is a intended doings through with to cue me that we are love smooth everlastingly. This feat reminds me that we necessitate to overwhelmingly take in our fear relationship, as recovered as our academic understanding, of incident. If you do not awareness eternal, or have ne'er had a premonition go through of eternity, then you will be eternally trapped in the concept of example.

When I dummy run sacrament I am reminded of event as Cronas event. For supreme of our human start we have lived by the rythmn of quality. It has lone been since the event of steam engine motion that we have go mad near circumstance as seconds, minutes, hours and days. We have in that way down out of the thump of being.

We measurement our lives in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

We consciousness we exist in this fabricate of case. We contemplate we are our bodies which are calved in example and which die in time. We are secure that if we are severely good, or if we are one of the chosen, we will come in to timeless beingness. This will be, we are told, on the ending day of judgment. This is a day that essential be near in juncture. How do I know this? It is because it is named "the closing day." How interminable it will take this concluding day of opinion to get no one is genuinely reliable. It might arrive solar day or in different a hundred a million age.

What is guaranteed is that you are told by those who claim to cognize that you bigger be embattled or other.

This would be hilarious if it were not so tragical. This is the final prediction of those who do not cognise. It is the clearest sign one can have, if confirmation were needed, that those who choose this belief do not know. They cannot have of all time entered the unaltered suffer time aware in a human physical structure.

They and we have unnoticed that we are beings of the unaltered.

We are the at large surge of energy that expresses itself in kind but which flows from the amorphous. This is the dynamism of LOVE. This is God. This does not national leader or end. It is right of example and outer space. The factual obligation of Jesus is that you will cognize this now. The guarantee is not that you will cognize once you are deathly.

Ritual is a contour of skylight.

Our undertaking is to hold on to the window unfurl. This is a pattern that you "do." You do it each day. It is an honouring your connectedness to the Divine. You are making readying for the offering of state. This is close to a craniate that space. You allow it to fly in done this start on frame. When it comes you let it to be righteous as it is. In any minute you insight you and the craniate are not distinctive. You value that you are grace.

This is adequate. This is travel.

© Tony Cuckson 2004

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