Flip Chart Color

* Black, indigo and recreational area inks have the extreme visibility.

* Blue is the utmost rewarding colour to visage at beside red upcoming in 2d (note: enjoyable to watch at and perceptibility are not the very)

* Do not do the whole plan in red ink.

* Avoid purple, brown, crimson and ashen inks.

* Permanent markers contribute the supreme pictorial color but dry out quicker if you make tracks the cap off. They as well constantly discharge done to the subsequent leaf. Forget annoying to get the ink out of your wear.

* Water flag are smaller number pictorial and noise once you create verbally. Ink will rinse out out of attire.

Use Color Thoughtfully

* Use effulgent colours for mini nontextual matter to sort them holder out.

* Use impalpable flag for humongous art so they don't overcome.

Use Color Psychologically

According to Greg Bandy in "Multimedia Presentation Design for the Uninitiated" clear in your mind colors enkindle definite emotions.

* RED = Brutal, Dangerous, Hot, Stop!

* DARK BLUE = Stable, Trustworthy, Calm

* LIGHT BLUE = Cool, Refreshing

* GRAY = Integrity, Neutral, Mature

* PURPLE = Regal, Mysterious

* GREEN = Organic, Healthy, New life, Go Money

* ORANGE / YELLOW = Sunny, Bright, Warm

* WHITE (if I brand the prototype light you couldn't see it) = Pure, Hopeful, Clean

* BLACK = Serious, Heavy, Profitable, Death Since "death" is a pretty indigestible way to end this section, I will supply you a remark to insight out much almost admirable optic pattern.

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